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Sanivation - Sanitation as a service

Sanivation - Sanitation as a service

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Photo by David Berendes/CDC

CDC‘s Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch (WDPB) has partnered with a start-up enterprise, Sanivation, to help provide in-home sanitation services to families in Kenya and eventually in developing countries around the world.

Sanivation supplies households with in-home urine-diverting dry toilets (UDDTs) that separate and store urine from feces (or poop). They then collect and treat the poop with concentrated solar energy to kill germs and make it safe for people to use. After solar treatment, the dried poop is mixed with charcoal and made into briquettes for cooking fuel.

This “feces-to-fuel” concept helps solve the sanitation problem while capturing re-usable waste and reducing the number of trees chopped down for firewood. The collected urine and solar treated feces can also be used as a nitrogen rich soil amendment for crop production. Sanivation is expanding its operations to waste sources outside the home to capture more waste from the environment and produce more tree-sparing fuel for cooking. They plan to start working in other East Africa countries and to serve over 1 million people by the year 2020.

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