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Native American Health - DASH Towards Lower Blood Pressure - The Sour Side of Grapefruit Juice - Caffeine: How Much is too Much? -

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Native American Health

Did you know that Native Americans are at a greater risk of having diabetes than any other racial group in the United States? Learn more about the issues that disproportionately affect American Indians and Alaska Natives.

DASH Towards Lower Blood Pressure

DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This eating plan is based on research that shows you can lower high blood pressure by changing your eating habits. To learn more, check out this article from the NIH MedlinePlus Magazine.

The Sour Side of Grapefruit Juice

Can something good for you also be dangerous? When it comes to grapefruit and grapefruit juice, the answer is yes! Grapefruit contain nutrients that are an essential part of your diet, but when consumed with certain medications like those that lower cholesterol or treat high blood pressure, the results can be harmful.

Caffeine: How Much is too Much?

How do you like your caffeine? Coffee? Tea? Energy drink? However you consume it, you'll feel the strongest effects in about an hour, though you may continue to feel the effects for 4-6 hours.
But how much is too much? For most people, it's not harmful to consume up to 400 mg of caffeine a day. If you do eat or drink too much caffeine you may experience unexpected health problems.


Tired of turkey? These Empanapitas are quick, easy, and heart-healthy!

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