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Lung disease may increase dementia risk

Lung disease may increase dementia risk

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Lung disease may increase dementia risk
New research uncovers another potential risk factor for dementia and, more generally, for cognitive impairment, namely having a lung disease in midlife.
Alzheimer's may soon be treated with HIV drugs
For the first time, scientists show how the gene that produces brain toxicity in Alzheimer's is 'recombined' using the same enzyme found in HIV.
Do cancer treatments accelerate brain aging?
A new study finds connections between key markers of biological aging and signs of cognitive decline years after the completion of breast cancer treatment.
New brain region 'could be what makes humans unique'
Using modern imaging techniques, a neurologist specializing in mapping the human brain has just discovered a previously unknown brain region.
Men who eat lots of fruits and vegetables have less memory loss
Consumption of orange juice, certain vegetables, leafy greens, and berry fruits is tied to less memory loss in a large group of men followed for 26 years.
Brain health: Low-protein, high-carb diet just as good as low-calorie diet
According to new research, the benefits to brain health achieved by severe calorie restriction can be matched by eating a low-protein, high-carb diet.
This is how your brain predicts future events
The brain can react appropriately to differently situations partly because it can anticipate results based on cues it receives. But how does this happen?

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