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Hyperspectral Infrared Imaging Opens a New Window on Living Bodies

IR VIVO™ | Multispectral Preclinical Infrared Imager | NIR-II

 November 9, 2018 
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 #ALT#Hyperspectral Infrared Imaging Opens a New Window on Living Bodies

Using the first (NIR) and second biological window (NIR-II) from 900-1620 nm, Photon etc.’s IR VIVO™ preclinical imager provides outstanding hyperspectral infrared imaging capabilities. It combines micron-scale spatial resolution, real-time imaging and full spectral coverage throughout small animals. Emission of several fluorophores can be isolated with a high-efficiency tunable filter and ultra-low noise scientific-grade InGaAs camera.

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   Researchers Create Photoswitchable Fluorescent Proteins with Optical Properties
Researchers developed fluorescent proteins that can be controlled by orange and green light. These proteins will help to study processes in living cells. The work was supported by Russian Science Foundation grant, and the results were published in Nature Methods.
   Combination of Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy and Three-Photon Absorption Could Improve Developmental Biology StudiesCombination of Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy and Three-Photon Absorption Could Improve Developmental Biology Studies
Light-sheet fluorescence microscopy is a newly developed method that has given way to many biological findings by enabling scientists to produce 3D images of tissue—even live animal embryos—with the help of fluorescent tags.
   What is Fluorescence Spectroscopy?What is Fluorescence Spectroscopy?
Fluorescence spectroscopy is an analytical method which is based on the fluorescence properties of the sample.
 An Introduction to Immunofluorescence
An Introduction to ImmunofluorescenceImmunofluorescence is based on the use of antibodies with fluorescent labels to bind to and thereby enable the detection of specific target antigens.
 Fluorescence and Holotomographic Imaging with the 3D Cell Explorer
Fluorescence and Holotomographic Imaging with the 3D Cell ExplorerThe 3D Cell Explorer-fluo can make movies involving fluorescence as well as 3D refractive index imaging to produce time-lapse images acquired from mouse embryonic stem cells.
 Wide-field Fluorescence Microscopy
Wide-field Fluorescence MicroscopyWide-field fluorescence microscopy is a widely applied imaging technique used to examine cells and investigate their internal structures.
 Photobleaching in Fluorescence Microscopy
Photobleaching in Fluorescence MicroscopyPhotobleaching is the phenomenon when a fluorophore loses its fluorescence due to damage induced by light. This leads to loss of fluorescence and signal while imaging a sample.

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