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CDC's VetoViolence Website | Features | CDC

CDC's VetoViolence Website | Features | CDC

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CDC's VetoViolence Website

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VetoViolence is CDC’s online source of free violence prevention trainings, tools, and resources. Check out the VetoViolence website to learn how to stop violence—before it happens.

Why Use VetoViolence?

Are you a busy violence prevention practitioner, short on time, doing more with less, and looking for ways to maximize your resources? CDC’s VetoViolence website offers free, online, interactive, and engaging violence prevention tools, trainings, and resources based on the best available evidence and research.

What’s Available?

VetoViolence offers various trainings, tools, and resources to support you in creating safer communities.

Who Should Use VetoViolence?

VetoViolence is designed for violence prevention practitioners, but anyone working to prevent violence in their community will find the information useful. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • CDC grantees
  • Partners
  • Researchers
  • Program evaluators
  • Technical assistance providers
  • Decision makers

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