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Break free from the chains of headache pain

Harvard Health Publishing

Discover 17 ways to halt headache pain fast!

Learn how you can speed relief and stop headaches from coming back!

If you’ve ever suffered from tension, sinus, or migraine headaches,
send for this landmark report from Harvard Medical School now!

When a headache strikes, there’s one thing on your mind: “How do I get the pain to go away?”
This Special Health Report will tell you. It is the handbook to living free from headache pain! You’ll find the most reliable ways to get relief safely, effectively, and quickly.
End the mystery—and the misery!
You know the effects of a headache all too well. With Headache Relief, you’ll understand, and will be able to address, the causes.
You’ll learn about the habit that could be behind your tension headaches...3 surprising foods migraine sufferers may want to avoid..and the one common trigger of cluster headaches.
You’ll discover the biggest reason for ‘rebound’ headaches...the test any headache sufferer over 40 should have...and the nighttime activity that can cause morning headaches.
The know-how you need for the fast relief you want.
You’ll be directed to the best roads to relief. From medications to meditation, you’ll be introduced to protocols and techniques that work. You’ll find out about the best way to counter a migraine attack...6 mind-body techniques to alleviate headache pain...a novel way to “rub out” tension headache symptoms...and a proven remedy for relieving a cluster headache within 15 minutes.
Plus 23 ways you can stop headaches from ever getting started!
You’ll discover the strategies, treatments, and steps that can build your defenses against headaches. You will be briefed on advances that are making prevention a reality and breakthroughs that are bringing men and women lasting freedom from headaches.
In Headache Relief, Harvard Medical School doctors will share two relaxation techniques to ward off tension headaches...a simple way to prevent recurrent headaches...and news of an exciting therapy nearing FDA approval that promises to revolutionize migraine prevention...and much, much more!
When it comes to headaches, you can have peace of mind! Order your copy of Headache Relief now.
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To your good health,
Howard E. LeWine, M.D.
Chief Medical Editor, Harvard Health Publishing

Headache Relief
Inside Headache Relief, you'll discover:
The type of headache that warrants a doctor's visit
Risk factors and treatment options for migraine headaches
Best ways to manage sinus headaches
Triggers and aggravators of tension headaches
Self-help and alternative strategies to ease headache pain
The latest on chronic, cluster, and medication overuse headaches
And much more!

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