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National HIV Testing Day is June 27, 2017!

National HIV Testing Day is June 27, 2017!

National HIV Testing Day Graphic

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day!

This special email bulletin from HIV.gov focuses on where you can find resources on HIV.gov for your communication on and around National HIV Testing Day. In just under two weeks, the country will observe National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) on June 27, 2017. As you have probably seen, HIV.gov recently relaunched with a new design and new organization, and we’re offering tips for navigating the new site and finding important NHTD resources.

NHTD Theme, Hashtag, Graphics and More

The HIV.gov National HIV Testing Day page announces this year’s theme:  "Test Your Way. Do It Today". This year’s hashtag is #HIVTestingDay.

The NHTD page is where you’ve find all things NHTD from HIV.gov. You’ll find a graphics subsection with the downloadable logo. In the upcoming week, we will add shareable images that highlight our HIV basics section, the HIV locator, and our PrEP information. The page also links to the CDC's themed posters for this year.

As in the past, we’ve included links to CDC fact sheets on the page, and will include additional federal resources as released.

Keep a close eye on this page; we’ll be updating the page as we release additional social media images.

HIV Basics

There’s a wealth of essential HIV information in our HIV Basics section. Particularly relevant are the overview of HIV and AIDS; information on transmission and risk; and the sections that discuss who should get testedwhere to get testing, and the overview of HIV testing. Look around closely and you’ll also find images you can freely use in your communication.


In the Blog section of HIV.gov we’ve already posted these blogs about NHTD:

Serving Up Digital Communication Resources For #HIVTestingDay

30 Days of HIV: Black, Digital, Community Campaign for National HIV Testing Day

More blogs will be posted before and on National HIV Testing Day. To find them, click on the search function on the top of the NHTD page and chose the awareness day topic. You can also see new blogs (for any topic) on our home page.

Find HIV Testing

The new link for the HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator is https://locator.hiv.gov/

To add the locator to your site, we offer a widget in two formats. You can get the widget and instructions on our widget page. (To find the widget and the locator from our home page, check out the footer). The locator enables anyone to enter their zip code and find nearby HIV testing centers and other health and social services.

Virtual Office Hours

Virtual Office Hours (VOH) is a year-round opportunity to get one-on-one help in enhancing your HIV-related digital communication. With the approach of NHTD, you may want to talk with our VOH team about ways to enhance your digital communications. Virtual Office Hours details are located in the Digital Tools section of HIV.gov.

Thank you in advance for helping us raise awareness, encourage HIV testing and observe NHTD. For more resource and updates on NHTD, please visit HIV.gov.

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