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28 June 2017 
Dear Colleagues,

When we started the current ProMED fund raising campaign, I listed five reasons why I reach out to subscribers twice a year:
7,453 reports on infectious disease outbreaks ProMED posted last year.
55 eminent infectious disease and public health experts on staff.
60 countries reported on in the past month.
8 geographic and language specific networks.
84,000 subscribers in 201 countries.
Since that letter went out to you on in mid-May, ProMED has posted over 900 reports of infectious diseases and toxic events worldwide. ProMED has always provided its readers with an astonishingly wide breadth of news and information; in this short period, we've covered everything from avian influenza to Zika, keeping you informed of ongoing infectious disease situations - cholera, diarrhea and dysentery; measles; chikungunya; Dengue; and many others - and brought to your attention anomalies such as trypanosomiasis in The Netherlands, and rarities like "seal finger" in Canada.
In response to my letters this spring, ProMED has received 164 donations totaling $15,912.00. Thank you to those who have responded! We sincerely appreciate your support.
But this number represents a tiny percentage of ProMED subscribers. In fact, so far this year only 1% of ProMED readers have contributed to support an information resource that 66% of subscribers say is very important to them. If you haven't yet contributed to ProMED, please ask yourself:
Do I support a global mission to improve health?
Am I committed to combatting infectious diseases throughout the world?
Do I want to be connected with health practitioners - my peers - around the globe?
If you answer yes to any of these questions, please support ProMED today.
Give what you can afford, but please give!  
Best regards,
Larry Madoff, MD 
International Society of Infectious Diseases | membership@isid.org |http://www.isid.org
9 Babcock St., Unit 3
Brookline, MA 02446

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