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Find Your State's Diabetes Burden

Find Your State's Diabetes Burden

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Find Your State's Diabetes Burden

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Find Out How Diabetes Affects People in Your State!

CDC developed the new Diabetes State Burden Toolkit to be the go-to website for state-specific numbers. 
Do you want to know how many people in your state have diabetes? How many men versus women are affected by diabetes complications, like high blood pressure and stroke?  What is the total cost of diabetes in your state?  The answer to these and many other questions are found in the Diabetes State Burden Toolkit. Find out your state’s numbers in the following areas.
Health Burden Image
Health Burden
    Number of diagnosed cases of diabetes by sex and age.
      For people with diabetes, number of cases (self-reported data, hospitalization data, and Medicare data) of:
      • Heart disease
      • Stroke
      • Blindness
      • Kidney failure
      • Amputation of toes, feet, and legs
      Economic Burden Image
      Economic Burden
        Total medical costs by service type and payment source.
        Cost of or lost productivity because of:
        • Work absenteeism
        • Working while ill
        • Inability to perform household functions
        • Diabetes-related disability
        • Diabetes-related death
        Mortality Image
        • Deaths, including cause-specific death, if available
        • Healthy life years lost
        • Qualify-adjusted life years lost  

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