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CDC Offers Worksite Health ScoreCard

Take advantage of the slower summer season to measure the success of your worksite health promotion program. Use CDC’s Worksite Health ScoreCard to measure the health of your workforce and evaluate workplace efforts to help employees improve their health. CDC developed this free online tool to help employers measure how proven, science-based health promotion strategies can be used in their worksites. These strategies include the following:  
  • Lifestyle counseling.
  • Physical and social environmental facility changes like stairwell enhancements or an on-site fitness center.
  • Policies like tobacco-free campuses.
  • Health plan benefits.
  • Other worksite programs, such as walking clubs, which have been shown to promote healthy lifestyles and prevent chronic diseases.

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Diabetes Care in the Heat, Extreme Weather, and Emergencies

Summer is around the corner and, as temperatures start to rise, it is important to revisit company emergency procedures to address heat-related illnesses. People with diabetes, who work outdoors or in hot indoor environments, may need to take additional caution to maintain their health.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that employers prepare illness prevention plans and train workers to recognize and prevent heat-related illness. CDC’s Be Prepared! offers guidance and resources to help people manage diabetes in extreme weather, emergencies, and natural disasters.

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How can we inform our workforce about the Zika virus and their risk? Are people with diabetes at increased risk for complications from the Zika virus?


The Zika virus has grown to be a public health concern. At this time, there isn’t any information specifically about people with diabetes who have the Zika virus. As with any illness, people with diabetes should follow sick day rules.Employers should gather information to guide their employees about Zika. Find helpful materials to share with your employees on the risks of this mosquito-borne disease and ways to prevent it from CDC and its National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

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