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Zika-focused submissions due May 20: Apply now!

Zika-focused submissions due May 20: Apply now!

USAID: From the American People

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The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) invites global problem solvers to answer the call for groundbreaking ideas to enhance our ability to respond to the current Zika outbreak and generate cutting-edge technologies and approaches that better prepare the world to address the disease threats of tomorrow.

Interested in getting involved?
  • Share your on the ground insights and experiences: Help design better solutions that are firmly grounded in what communities want and need.
  • Get feedback on your idea from the global community: Develop, share, and build on your idea within the OpenIDEO community.
  • Join the #CombatZika Twitter Chat: On Tuesday, May 31 at 3pm ET, participate in the #CombatZika Twitter chat, focused on learning from experts and answering questions about how we can better prevent, detect, and respond to disease outbreaks like Zika in the future.
  • Submit an idea for funding: Apply to the $30 million Combating Zika and Future Threats Grand Challenge. The deadline for the Zika portion of the Challenge is Friday, May 20, 5:00 pm EDT! Submissions to the Future Threats portion of the Challenge are due June 17, 2016.
Be a part of the movement to mitigate the spread of Zika now and improve our ability to prevent, detect, and respond to other infectious disease outbreaks in the future! 

Photo credit: Marvin Recinos/AFP

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