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Tips to Manage the Emotional Side of Diabetes

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help people learn to manage the emotional side of living with diabetes

Promoting emotional well-being is an important part of helping people with diabetes manage their disease. Educating people about healthy coping and problem-solving skills can help them lower their risk for diabetes related complications. It’s as essential as teaching healthy eating and physical activity habits and medication use.
The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) has resources to help you communicate with people who have diabetes and their families about emotional care. Use NDEP resources to teach important skills for coping with the challenges of living with diabetes. Help people:
  • Understand the relationship among diabetes, stress, and emotional well-being.
  • Learn how healthy emotional coping strategies are an important part of managing diabetes.
  • Find ways to manage stress so it doesn’t cause additional health problems.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings: A Discussion Guide for Living Well with Diabetes was developed to help people with diabetes and their loved ones deal with the emotional side of living with diabetes. The guide helps identify family and social support needs and develop goal setting, positive coping, and problem-solving skills. Modules can be used together to develop diabetes discussion groups that meet over a few weeks or months. Each module can also stand alone to be integrated into an existing diabetes education or support group.
Explore all the NDEP resources you can share with people to help them manage their diabetes and use healthy coping strategies.
living a balanced life with diabetes

Designed for health care professionals who serve American Indians and Alaska Natives.
diabetes, distress and depression

How to incorporate the emotional side of diabetes into clinical care.

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