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MedBr First to Know 5/30/2016

Medical Breakthroughs: First to Know


     While you are celebrating Memorial Day, I am celebrating my 46th anniversary as well as Baltazar Gonzalez’ birthday and our horse, Baltita’s, birthday. It’s a great way to start the summer…just ask Michael and Leslie Poole, Jerry Parnell and Wendall and Janice Springfield!
     Watch our Medical Headline Videos:
  •      Dr Victor Pretorius, MD, heart transplantation surgical director at UC San Diego Health, tells us about a high-risk, re-transplantation that has only been done nine other times in the world. “Junior’s Heart Saves Two Lives!” is so moving and I hope you will watch the video.
  •      Our second story is equally moving: “ESight for Blindness.” It is about a Canadian company who is bringing sight to 600 people across North America.
  •      Dr Erin Rowell, MD, Pediatric Surgeon at Lurie Children’s Hospital, is removing one ovary and freezing it before kids with cancer go through chemo. Thanks to her mother’s love and foresight, Katie Palermo now has options: “Preserving Fertility in Children.”
     Our first special report this week is about yoga helping men recover from prostate cancer. Dr Neha Vapiwala, MD, Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, headed the first-of-its-kind study. Dr Chris Thompson, MD, allergist and otolaryngologist at Texan Allergy, tells us that the over-the-counter allergy drops are not only reducing symptoms but if taken correctly for three years, they even cure allergies.
     In case you missed them, you may want to check our past reports, Premium Content in Archives Premium Content in ArchivesSaving Bad Hips with 3D Technology Premium Content in ArchivesABUS: Cancer Screening for Dense Breasts. Premium Content in the Archives may be purchased for as little as $9 for 24-hour, unlimited access. If you would like to access Premium Content for the first time click here.
     Finally, we have the full-length doctor’s interview with Dr Richard Crownover, MD, PhD, a radiation oncologist at UT Health Science Center San Antonio. He uses a breathing technique for his patients that is a huge benefit for many cancer patients: “Deep Breath Hold Protects the Heart.”
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