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What surface is best for running?

What surface is best for running?


run surface

What surface is best for running?

The truth is that the jury’s still out on whether running on a softer surface has less impact on joints and muscles. Some research suggests it might not actually matter, and the forces that impact your lower body on various surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, and grass don’t increase knee pain or injury risk. One explanation is that your body automatically adapts to the surface you’re running on. That means you’ll instinctively strike harder on softer surfaces, and strike softer on harder surfaces. Read More ...

Cadaver training prepares Air Force medics for real world encounters

The study of human anatomy has helped further medical science since the third century B.C. Often reserved for medical students or researchers, today, cadaver training is helping medical technicians build confidence and hone critical life-saving skills at the 59th Medical Wing. Read More ...

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