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BioEdge needs your help!

May 4, 2016

Dear friend of BioEdge,

Today we begin a four-week campaign to raise the funds needed to continue our work at BioEdge. Please consider giving a donation. To battle on this year, we need to raise US$15,000 to cover our costs.

Like everyone else, we do have a bias. We are trying to promote human dignity as a foundation for bioethics. The mainstream media don't have enough time or patience to dig behind significant stories and to identify trends. That's where BioEdge comes in.

BioEdge is a project of the New Media Foundation, an Australian non-profit. We rely on volunteers and donations to cover costs. We aren't supported by a university, a think tank, or a drug company. Please consider a donation.

Click HERE to make a one-off donation.

Click HERE to make regular monthly donations

If you work in an institution, we can also issue an invoice as documentation.

Michael Cook
BioEdge: bioethics news from around the world
New Media Foundation | Level 2, 5 George St | North Strathfield NSW 2137 | AUSTRALIA | +61 2 8005 8605

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