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That’s Funny … Did Someone Mention Prediabetes?

That’s Funny … Did Someone Mention Prediabetes?


hat’s Funny … Did Someone Mention Prediabetes?

Mama Occupada

Prediabetes is a common health condition – more than 1 in 3 US adults have it – that comes with long-term health risks such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. But as common as prediabetes is, it’s surprising how few know about it or know they have it. One reason is there usually aren’t any obvious symptoms.  
So how do you get people to find out their risk for a health condition like prediabetes when they don’t feel sick? Here’s a combination that works: Use humor to get noticed. Make the message relatable so people are motivated to take action.
CDC partnered with the Ad Council, American Diabetes Association, and American Medical Association to develop a witty, engaging prediabetes awareness campaign designed to help people understand their risk by taking a 1-minute prediabetes risk test. If their score shows they’re likely to have prediabetes, they’re urged to see their doctor to confirm the results.
The good news: People who find out they have prediabetes can join the CDC-led National Diabetes Prevention Program to learn practical, real-life changes that can cut their risk for developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 58%.
Ready to see for yourself? Take the 60-second risk test at It could be the most important minute of your day. 

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