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NIIW | Home | National Infant Immunization Week | CDC

NIIW | Home | National Infant Immunization Week | CDC

Visit the new immunization website for parents

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During National Infant Immunization Week (April 16-23, 2016), CDC has launched a redesigned vaccine website for parents.
The new website offers a variety of resources for parents seeking to learn more about childhood immunization and the diseases that can be prevented with vaccines.
Parents can learn about vaccines needed for their child's age; how to make vaccine visits less stressful; immunization records and requirements; and the 16 diseases that vaccines prevent in children and teenagers. They can also downloadeasy-to-read immunization schedules in both English and Spanish, use an interactive immunization scheduler, and view CDC educational resources. The new website also contains specialized immunization related to adoption, travel, and pregnancy.
For more information, please visit
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