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The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Home Chefs |

The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Home Chefs |

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The Perfect Holiday Gifts for Home Chefs

Chef preparing a dish.There is always that one person on your holiday gift list – the person who has it all. This year give that person the gift of health and peace of mind with our holiday gift guide. We have pulled together three great gift items for your favorite chef.

Food Thermometer

This useful tool is a must for even the most experienced cook.  Cutting meat open and looking at the color inside or examining the color of the meat juices does not accurately show if meat has reached a safe internal temperature. The only way to ensure that meat is fully cooked is to use a meat thermometer.

Wondering whether to purchase an instant read or leave in thermometer? Think about what type of food the gift recipient likes to cook. If they grill or cook meat or poultry in a skillet, an instant read thermometer will allow them to take the temperature of thin slices of meat. If they frequently cook roasts, a leave in thermometer will allow them to accurately determine the temperature of thicker meat portions. If you would like additional guidance, contact the USDA Meat and Poultry Hotline at 1-888-MPHotline.

Separate Cutting Boards for Raw Meat & Ready to Eat Foods

To ensure that bacteria from raw meat and poultry do not get on ready to eat food, a kitchen needs to have at least two cutting boards. At least one cutting board should be for raw meat and poultry, and the other for all other food items.  Even if your recipient has multiple cutting boards, they probably need to discard some of the cutting boards they are currently using. Cutting boards that are pitted, cracked, or have deep groves that can catch food should be thrown out. This is because these cutting boards can trap bacteria and spread them to the next food item cut on the board.

Kitchen Towels

A kitchen can never have too many kitchen towels. Kitchen towels should be used for one cooking session then washed in the hottest cycle of the washing machine. Reusing kitchen towels allows bacteria to hitch a ride around the kitchen. By giving the gift of kitchen towels, you are ensuring your recipient is able to use a fresh towel each time they cook.

With this holiday gift list, you can be sure to find great gifts for everyone on your list and rest assured that you are helping to prevent foodborne illness.
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