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The Video and Presentation Slides from the August session of CDC Grand Rounds are Now Available!

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The video and presentation slides including Beyond the Data from the August session of CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds,“Adolescence: Preparing for Lifelong Health and Wellness,” held on Tuesday, August 18 are now available at
Adolescence is a critical stage of development during which physical, intellectual, emotional, and psychological changes occur. While adolescence is a relatively healthy period of life, adolescents begin to make lifestyle choices and establish behaviors that affect both their current and future health. During this transition from childhood to adulthood, serious health and safety issues such as motor vehicle crashes, violence, substance use, and risky sexual behaviors can adversely affect adolescents and young adults. For instance, in 2013, over 1 in 5 reported current tobacco use, and among those sexually active, almost 2 out of 3 reported not using condoms regularly. 
Parents have an important role in helping their adolescents stay healthy, but there are other influences on the choices adolescents make. Of the 42 million U.S. adolescents, age 10-19 years, 91% are enrolled in school, making schools and academic institutions an ideal place to foster lifelong healthy behaviors. Other community level interventions can also make the healthy choice the easy choice. Interventions that improve adolescent health care delivery are needed. Healthcare systems should continue to improve access to and use of clinical preventive services and provide opportunities for young patients to learn to manage their own health. 
This session of Grand Rounds explored adolescent health, specifically how families, community organizations, schools, and government agencies can work together to encourage adolescents to avoid risk and adopt health-promoting behaviors. 
Continuing Education Continuing education for Grand Rounds is available and ALL Continuing Education for Grand Rounds are issued online through the CDC/ATSDR Training & Continuing Education Online system. If you have questions, email or call Learner Support at1-800-418-7246 (1-800-41TRAIN). 
Learn more about continuing education on the Grand Rounds website. 
Future Grand Rounds Topics
September – Preventing Suicide in the US: Opportunities and Challenges
October – Electronic Cigarettes: Public Health Peril or Promise?
November – Public Health Strategies to Prevent Preterm Birth
December – Developing a Culture of Laboratory Safety

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