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Genomics|Update|Non Communicable Diseases ► Reviews, News and Commentaries

Genomics|Update|Non Communicable Diseases

Non Communicable Diseases wiith DNA

Volume 35  Number 9  August 27 - September 3, 2015

Reviews, News and Commentaries

The DNA of a nationExternal Web Site Icon 
Vivien Marx Nature 524, 503?505 (27 August 2015)
Everything you need to know about precision medicine, External Web Site Icon by Alexandra Ossola, Popular Science, Aug 27 
Biohackers gear up for genome editing, External Web Site Icon by Heidi Ledford, Nature News, Aug 26
New international effort to uncover schizophrenia genomics,External Web Site Icon by Dr Philippa Brice, PHG Foundation, Aug 20
New guidelines to help payers navigate NGS testing in cancer,External Web Site Icon by Roxanne Nelson, Medscape, Aug 19 [by free subscription only]
It's complicated: genomics, obesity and diabetes,External Web Site Icon Genomics Education Programme, Aug 17

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