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Twitter has just expanded its character limit from 140 to 10,000 for direct messages. Yay :-). However, this is only for DMs, not for public tweets :-(. Which means that for the foreseeable future, Twitter will not be the ideal medium for debating contentious bioethical issues. In 140 characters there is not much room for nuance or complexity. 
Which means that bioethics journals, which have a much bigger characer limit, still have a role to play. In our lead story today Xavier Symons interviews the editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics, Julian Savulescu, who is also a professor at Oxford. He says that the internet has made his job harder. 
"What I have learnt is that it is not Big Brother who is watching, but everyone. In the current era, everything that is published can be instantly accessed by nearly everyone. Ethicists have to be prepared for titles and one-liners to be pumped around the internet. You have to be prepared to defend what you have written or published against the harshest criticism."
It's a fascinating conversation. Check it out. 

Michael Cook
This week in BioEdge
by Xavier Symons and Julian Savulescu | Aug 26, 2015
The editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics discusses the fraught job of editing a leading journal.
by Michael Cook | Aug 29, 2015
NHMRC has called for public comment on new guidelines for IVF clinics
by Michael Cook | Aug 29, 2015
Disinherited in favour of euthanasia activist
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Government hopes to crack down on rogue clinics.
by Michael Cook | Aug 29, 2015
Abortion and Down syndrome are on the agenda for presidential hopefuls.
by Xavier Symons | Aug 29, 2015
The treasurer of a peak international fertility body has warned women not to rely on egg freezing to have children.
by Xavier Symons | Aug 29, 2015
A new study claims that vague terminology in Belgium’s assisted dying guidelines is allowing for scores of psychiatric patients to be euthanised.
by Xavier Symons | Aug 29, 2015
Scientists from the Ohio State University claim they have managed to produce an embryonic human brain in their labs.
by Xavier Symons | Aug 29, 2015
The latest edition of the American Journal of Bioethics features a fascinating serious of articles on doctor-patient trust and Shared Decision Making (SDM).
by Michael Cook | Aug 29, 2015
First in-depth study of how bioethicists shaped policy
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