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The Fine Art of Balancing Protection with Self Determination

August 17, 2015

NLRC Presents: The Fine Art of Balancing Protection with Self-Determination Webinar

Tuesday, September 22, 2015, 2:00 PM EDT
All adults, regardless of ability, have a basic right to make choices about how they want to live their lives. Empowering older adults and people with disabilities to actively participate in personal decision making improves life outcomes and can reduce the risk of abuse and exploitation. At the same time, people who need assistance with decision making often are at greater risk of abuse, and protection and advocacy services are critical to both prevention and response efforts.
Striking the right balance between empowerment and protection can be a challenge. But it is possible. 
In this webinar, presenters David Godfrey of the American Bar Association and Jonathan Martinis of Quality Trust for People with Disabilities, will address the signs of abuse, neglect (including self-neglect), and exploitation. They will cover tools to enhance communication with people with differing abilities and best practices for promoting self-determination and choice in a way that mitigates risk while preserving the human right to direct one's own life. The session also will explore the application of the Supported Decision Making model to assist people in making choices.
Click here to register for the webinar, which is sponsored by the National Legal Resource Center.

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