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Global Health Matters Newsletter - Fogarty International Center @ NIH

Global Health Matters Newsletter - Fogarty International Center @ NIH

Cover of January February 2015 issue of Global Health Matters

Current Issue: January / February 2015

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January / February 2015

HHS Secretary says US plays key role in global health

Sylvia Burwell, Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, visited NIH to tour the Bethesda campus and participate in a town hall meeting with staff.
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HHS secretary Burwell walks in Clinical Center hallway with NIH Dir Collins NCI Dir Varmus and NIH Deputy Dir Tabak

Close up of health care worker wearing gloves giving patient a shot in the upper arm

NIH Ebola vaccine trial underway in Liberia

A large clinical trial to assess the safety and efficacy of two experimental vaccines to prevent Ebola virus infection has begun.
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Injuries cause 5 million deaths each year

Fogarty Director Dr. Roger I. Glass discusses how NIH can help strengthen the capacity of low- and middle-income country institutions to study trauma and injury prevention and response.
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Three male emergency response workers in uniforms carefully roll wrapped, adult-sized body from brick pavement onto stretcher

Woman squats next to pot cooking over an open flame, thatched walls in background

Measuring health impact of indoor air pollution

Researchers hope to identify and establish a standard panel of indicators and biomarkers that can provide more precise evidence of the effectiveness of cleaner cookstoves.
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Nursing research and training spur global health gains

NIH's National Institute of Nursing Research supports critical investigations to advance disease prevention, patient self-management, end-of-life care, treatment innovations and nurse scientist training.
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Focus on nursing research:

Nurse in golves collects sample from patient in a lab setting

Woman dressed in sari stands on rock at edge of water, dips urn with sari cloth covering opening into water to filter it

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