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CDC Hepatitis Updates: Hepatitis C in the African American Community

CDC Hepatitis Updates: Hepatitis C in the African American Community

Viral Hepatitis Updates from CDC
Hepatitis C Disproportionately Affects the African American CommunityFebruary is Black History Month, a time to commemorate the contributions that African-Americans have made to American history and an opportunity to educate the public and health professionals about serious health problems disproportionately affecting the African American community, including the Hepatitis C virus.  Hepatitis C is a serious liver disease that over time can cause serious health problems, including liver damage and even liver cancer.  Currently, there is no vaccine for Hepatitis C, but the good news is that new treatments are available that can offer a cure for many people.

MMWR: Hepatitis A Outbreak Among Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Group Homes — Michigan, 2013
CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis, in collaboration with the Michigan Department of Community Health, published an articleHepatitis A Outbreak Among Adults with Developmental Disabilities Living in Group Homes — Michigan, 2013The article presents data from April–July 2013 reporting eight unvaccinated residents of five group homes for adults with disabilities in Michigan diagnosed with HAV and one died.
Disabled adults are now typically cared for in group homes where residents live in close quarters, and are often incontinent and non-verbal. These factors, as well as lack of contact precautions and hand washing may have contributed to the spread of HAV in this outbreak. The report demonstrates the continued risk of HAV infections among individuals living in group homes and highlights the public health resources needed to respond to these outbreaks. 

CDC Releases New Phase of the Know More Hepatitis Campaign
Of the estimated 3.2 million Americans who have Hepatitis C, 3 in 4 are people born from 1945 to 1965. CDC’s Know More Hepatitis campaign encourages everyone born from 1945-1965 to get tested for Hepatitis C.
The campaign is being implemented using a variety of multi-media channels including print, radio and TV PSAs, as well as airport dioramas, billboards, and transit advertisements. CDC developed additionalcampaign materials to help educate patients and promote testing for Hepatitis C including a new video PSA “Hepatitis C: A Hidden Disease,”new posters, new infographic, and more.

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