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A Shot of Truth: Myth Busting Excessive Alcohol Use

Dept. of Health & Human Services
Feb 23, 2015
By: Jessica B. Mesnick, Public Health Analyst, CDC

Vital Signs: What is a standard drink?
When I tell people I work to prevent excessive alcohol use, I typically get one of two responses: they assume I’m either working on college campuses or with people diagnosed with alcohol dependence. My response is always the same: Yes, those are important areas, but the problem is much bigger than that.
In fact, excessive alcohol use is a problem across the lifespan, and most people who drink too much are not alcohol dependent. These facts were highlighted in a recent CDC Vital Signs report on alcohol poisoning deaths. We analyzed deaths due to alcohol poisoning using U.S. death certificate data for 2010-2012, which were reported to the National Vital Statistics System.
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