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Research-Tested Intervention Programs: Program Details

Research-Tested Intervention Programs: Program Details

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State Colorectal Cancer Screening Intervention Recognized as a Model for Others

The New Hampshire Colorectal Cancer Screening Program (NHCRCSP) Patient Navigation Intervention is now on the Research-tested Intervention Programs (RTIPs) website. RTIPs is a searchable database of evidence-based cancer control interventions where public health practitioners can access program materials for their own use. The NHCRCSP intervention is one of 21 colorectal cancer interventions available via RTIPs, and among those, one of only two using patient navigation.
The intervention was developed by NHCRCSP Principal Investigator and gastroenterologist Dr. Lynn Butterly and Program Director Joanne Gersten. It centers on nurse navigators providing individualized support, via telephone, to help individuals identify and overcome personal and health care systems barriers to screening. An evaluation led by the Program Evaluation Team in DCPC’s Program Services Branch, found the NHCRCSP patient navigation model to be highly effective in increasing the completion and quality of colonoscopy screening among underserved groups. Patients in the program who were navigated were 11 times more likely to complete a colonoscopy than a comparison group who were not. CDC worked with the NHCRCSP team to evaluate the intervention and develop a manual to help others replicate the model. An article demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of this intervention was recently published in the journal Cancer.

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