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World Cancer Day Reflections from Lisa Richardson, MD, MPH | | Blogs | CDC

World Cancer Day Reflections from Lisa Richardson, MD, MPH | | Blogs | CDC
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World Cancer Day and Beyond: Commit to Cancer Prevention

Across the world, February 4th is recognized as World Cancer Day to raise awareness about cancer, promote equity in access to treatment, and improve cancer survival rates. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. World Cancer Day is a time to not only take note of the cancer burden, but to also focus on cancer prevention efforts. The theme and 3-year campaign for World Cancer Day, “I am and I will,” encourages people to commit to taking action to reduce the impact of cancer personally, for their loved ones, and for the world.
In our World Cancer Day blog post, CDC’s Division of Cancer Prevention and Control director, Dr. Lisa Richardson, highlights the progress CDC has made in cancer prevention, early detection and treatment through national programs that reach people in need (National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program, Colorectal Cancer Control Program). CDC’s nationwide campaigns (Bring Your BraveScreen for Life, and Inside Knowledge) have increased awareness and educated people about cancer through personal stories from survivors that show the importance of family health history and cancer screening. Dr. Richardson also shares her excitement about the opportunities ahead that can make a difference in cancer prevention.

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