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High-Affinity CD19 for CAR-T Cell Therapy | Medical News | Medical Articles

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 February 28, 2019 
 The latest antibodies news from News Medical 
 #ALT#High-Affinity CD19 for CAR-T Cell Therapy

CD19 still remains the strongest contender in CAR-T cell therapy. According to ClinicalTrials.gov, over 600 CAR T cell clinical trials have been carried out to date, a majority of which aiming to treat leukemia or lymphoma patients using CD19‐specific CARs.

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  Keysight5 Tips About Validation When Choosing An Antibody
Finding an antibody that works for your specific application can be a difficult task. Dozens of companies sell antibodies against your target proteins, and with so much choice available, looking for the perfect one can sometimes feel like a never-ending search. Here, Atlas Antibodies share 5 key points to consider when choosing your next antibody.

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   Reduced antibody adaptability may make the elderly more vulnerable to influenzaReduced antibody adaptability may make the elderly more vulnerable to influenza
The influenza vaccine may be less effective in the elderly because their B cells are less capable of producing antibodies that can adapt to protect against new viral strains, researchers report February 19 in the journal Cell Host & Microbe.
 Researchers engineer 'antibody-like' T cell receptors to combat deadly virus
Researchers have engineered "antibody-like" T cell receptors that can specifically stick to cells infected with cytomegalovirus, or CMV, a virus that causes lifelong infection in more than half of all adults by age 40.
 Researchers discover a new promising target to improve HIV vaccines
In the quest to develop an effective HIV vaccine, researchers have focused attention on identifying and targeting the region of the virus's outer envelope where a lineage of antibodies are able to dock and neutralize the virus.
 TUNEL Staining: An Overview
TUNEL Staining: An OverviewA review of TUNEL staining kits and an overview of the processes involved in TUNEL staining.
 ChIP-seq Advantages and Limitations
ChIP-seq Advantages and LimitationsChIP-seq has several advantages over previous methods, such as ChIP-chip, but like many techniques, ChIP-seq is limited by access and cost.

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