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Cancer Information Highlights, February 27, 2019

Cancer Information Highlights, February 27, 2019

National Cancer Institute

Cancer Information Highlights
From the National Cancer Institute
Updating you about cancer causes, prevention, screening, treatment, coping, and more
New from NCI
A CAR T-Cell Therapy for Childhood Cancers?
child playing with cars Read about the results from a new study in mice that suggest that an experimental CAR T-cell therapy may have potential as a treatment for several types of childhood cancer.
Treatment for Children with Leukemia Also Works for Teens, Young Adults

According to new results from a clinical trial, a treatment regimen developed for children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia also works for older teens and young adults with the disease.
Dormant Tumor Cells Can Be Sensitized to Chemotherapy

Learn about early research in mice that suggests that dormant cancer cells that have spread to other parts of the body and hide out for years can be made susceptible to treatment.
PDQ Summary Updates
Adjustment to Cancer: Anxiety and Distress

We updated our PDQ summary on cancer-related anxiety and distress with major revisions to all sections of the summary.
Cannabis and Cannabinoids

We updated our PDQ summary on cannabis and cannabinoids with major revisions to the Questions and Answers About Cannabis section of the summary.
Liver (Hepatocellular) Cancer Prevention

We revised our PDQ summary on liver cancer with updated information on risk factorsand protective factors for this disease.
Drug Information Updates

Our summary on pembrolizumab (Keytruda) has been updated to include the Food and Drug Administration’s expanded approval for treating melanoma in patients who have had surgery to remove cancer that has spread to the lymph nodes.
Also of Interest
The Genetics of Cancer

Learn how changes in certain genes can cause cells to evade normal growth control and become cancer.
Screening Tests

Cancer screening tests aim to find cancer early, before it causes symptoms and when it may be easier to treat. Learn about screening tests that are known to reduce deaths from cancer.
Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer can form in adults and children. Learn about the types of kidney cancer and how they are treated.

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