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Boost cognitive function with this interactive 6-step program

Harvard Health Publications

Discover the best ways to keep your memory sharp as you age with an all-new interactive online experience you can enjoy anytime, anywhere!

You can access the Cognitive Fitnesscourse whenever you want from your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Easy login and simple-to-navigate screens make this online course perfect for adults of all ages.
In Cognitive Fitness, the online course from the experts at Harvard Medical School, you'll get a 6-step, easy-to-follow plan that helps you boost your brain health, and maintain and improve your memory as you age.
Here's some good news: Declining brain health and memory loss are not inevitable parts of aging! You can be mentally sharp and maintain your ability to learn, reason, and remember into old age by eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, managing stress, connecting with others, and challenging your brain.
This enlightening, interactive course from Harvard Health Publishing with engaging slides and downloadable quizzes explains how you can achieve the best brain performance possible for your age. You'll learn the difference between cognitive fitness and cognitive reserve, where and how memories are stored, why certain brain functions actually improvewith age, and more.
This course will show you:
  • Why high blood sugar is linked to memory loss
  • The key to being able to fight the brain changes linked to dementia and Alzheimer's disease
  • Why sleep may help wash away beta-amyloid plaques linked to Alzheimer's disease
  • How exercise lowers the risk for dementia and boosts development of new neurons
  • Two new tests that help doctors treat Alzheimer's earlier
Cognitive Fitness includes a well-researched, 6-step plan for improving brain health that brings you:
Includes easy self-assessment of cognitive fitness levels
  • Two brain-boosting diets, including sample menus and a list of foods to eat more of and those to avoid
  • Exercises that help improve cognitive fitness
  • Tips for improving sleep
  • Techniques for managing stress
  • Ways to stay socially active
  • Activities to challenge your brain
Plus, you'll get downloadable quizzes, puzzles, links to brain-training programs, a cognitive fitness planner, and more!
Learn anytime, anywhere!
Harvard Health Publishing's Cognitive Fitness online course let's you:
  • Learn from top experts at your convenience
  • Watch, pause, and watch again as often as you want — whenever you want
  • Easily skip to slides and sections that interest you most
  • Access the course anytime; it is always available and never expires
  • Download and print quizzes and charts
Don't miss out. Start Cognitive Fitness today and experience the empowering information in this NEW online course!
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