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A strong core -- it's not just about abs

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Improve Your Balance and Flexibility,
Strengthen Your Core, Ease Pain, and Stay Independent
with 5 Core Simple Workouts!

Core Exercises
Your Special Health Report includes:
5 core workouts that range from easy to more difficult
6 post-workout stretches to help increase your range of motion
More than 50 detailed, how-to photos
100 tips and techniques to help you do each move correctly
Special Bonus Section at no extra cost!
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Mention core exercises and most people think of moves that help you carve out washboard abs. Although core exercises can get you that flat belly, there are more important reasons to work your core muscles. For example, did you know that a weak core can actually make it harder to move your arms and legs and can drain power from the many moves you make?
On the other hand, a strong, well-toned core can help with everything from improving your balance to relieving pain to helping you maintain your independence. That’s why Harvard health experts created Core Exercises.
This Special Health Report explains the importance of your core muscles and brings you five complete workouts that tighten your abs, strengthen your back and boost your balance.
Send for your copy of Core Exercisestoday to help you:
  • Make everyday tasks like bending, turning, and reaching easier
  • Reduce your risk of falling and lower your risk for fractures
  • Prevent incontinence
  • Increase muscle power so you can do more without getting fatigued
  • Look trimmer and get rid of harmful belly fat
  • Prevent and even relieve low back pain
Each of the five workouts has 7 exercises (complete with photos) designed to help improve your strength to make daily activities easier to do and make it possible to continue playing sports like tennis, golf, swimming, and running or walking. All of the exercises can be made easier or harder, depending on your fitness level. Best of all, you can work in some core moves in as little as five minutes a day!
Act now and you’ll get a Special Bonus Section at no extra cost that helps you set goals, stay motivated and find time to fit core exercises into your day.
Don’t miss out! Click here to get your copy of Core Exercises today with this special savings offer. There’s no risk. Order now!
Howard E. LeWine, M.D.Chief Medical Editor
Harvard Medical School
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