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NLM Announcements

National Institutes of Health, U.S. National Library of Medicine

11/14/2017 04:00 PM EST

Today marks one year since we launched Musings on the Mezzanine. Surprisingly, I’ve found that writing for it has often been the high point of my week. I like having a way to communicate important happenings here at NLM. I also like using the blog as a way to wrestle with ideas. Many times I … Continue reading "Happy Birthday, Blog!"
11/14/2017 02:00 PM EST

Notice of Extension of the Response Date for NOT-LM-17-006 " Request for Information (RFI): Next-Generation Data Science Challenges in Health and Biomedicine"
11/14/2017 01:15 PM EST

Several videos are up on the NCBI YouTube, including recordings of recent NCBI Minute webinars. NCBI Minute: The NCBI Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) This NCBI Minute introduces the diverse group of APIs available to access NCBI database information and tools. … Continue reading 
11/14/2017 01:00 PM EST

RefSeq release 85 is now accessible online, via FTP and through NCBI’s programming utilities. This full release incorporates genomic, transcript, and protein data available, as of November 6, 2017, and contains 146,710,309 records, including 100,043,962 proteins, 20,905,608 RNAs, and sequences … Continue reading 
11/14/2017 12:57 PM EST

NCBI has recently updated Tree Viewer with new features, improvements and bug fixes, including improved sub-tree navigation and rendering. For a full list of changes, see the release notes. NCBI Tree Viewer is a tool for viewing your phylogenetic tree data.
11/14/2017 11:55 AM EST

Director of NCBI, Dr. Jim Ostell called his journey to NCBI “a long and winding and strange road.” Part one of this circuitous path, which NLM in Focus published last week, included college classes he never thought he’d need, counter-cultural days, studying the anatomy of the cricket, borrowing a secretary’s computer because it was the…
11/14/2017 11:00 AM EST

Circulating Now welcomes guest blogger Dawn Hunter, Associate Professor, School of Visual Art and Design, University of South Carolina and Fulbright España Senior Research Fellow

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