martes, 21 de noviembre de 2017

New Updates in Gastric Cancer Treatment - Webinar, November 29

Gastric Cancer Webinar

The National institutes of Health Clinical Center and Inspire are partnering on a webinar, “Navigating New Treatment Options for Gastric Cancer: Reaching above and beyond the standard of care,” on Wednesday, November 29, from 12-1 PM ET.
This educational event, which will feature:
  • Jeremy L. Davis, MD – NIH gastric cancer specialist
  • Theo Heller, MD - NIH gastroenterologist and clinical trial expert
  • David Fogel - total gastrectomy patient with CDH1 mutation
Why you should attend:
  • Hear about the latest advancements and treatments in gastric cancer
  • Learn how to access the state-of-the-art clinical studies and medical care at the NIH Clinical Center
  • Interact with NIH experts Jeremy L. Davis, MD, and Theo Heller, MD, and a recent total gastrectomy patient, David Fogel, at the NIH Clinical Center.

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