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Take Action to Reverse a Troubling Stroke Trend

Stroke Occurring in Head Picture

CDC’s latest Vital Signs report exposes a concerning trend

Although we have made excellent progress as a nation in treating stroke risk factors, almost 800,000 people in the United States have a stroke each year, and more than 140,000 die as a result. Rising rates of obesity and other risk factors may be limiting our success. The Vital Signs report shows that the decrease in stroke death rates has slowed in 3 out of 4 states, and rates among Hispanics and young adults have increased in recent years. 
The good news is that many strokes are preventable. We already have the tools to treat stroke risk factors, such as high blood pressure, tobacco use, cholesterol, and physical inactivity. Million Hearts® has a wealth of evidence-based strategies for health professionals, communities, and individuals. Find the tools that work for you! Together, we can keep our loved ones stroke-free.
—Janet Wright, MD, FACC Executive Director, Million Hearts®

Do This!

With stroke, don’t just be quick: Be F.A.S.T.    
When stroke happens, time lost is brain lost. Recognize the signs of stroke and act F.A.S.T.: Ask the person to smile (Face), lift their Arms, and Speak.Problems with any of these tasks mean...
it’s Time to call 9-1-1.

Quick Fact

Optimal brain health is important for preventing stroke, dementia, and cognitive impairment. Check out the recent American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Presidential Advisory identifying seven metrics for defining optimal brain health and providing guidance on how to maintain it.

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