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CDC Launches New "Making Dialysis Safer for Patients Coalition" to Help Prevent Infections

Introducing the Making Dialysis Safer for Patients Coalition
Dialysis Organizations Team Up with CDC to Protect Patients
In the U.S., there are more than 400,000 people relying on hemodialysis care. These patients are at risk of getting serious infections. CDC developed a set of core interventions to prevent dialysis bloodstream infections that have been proven to reduce the number of infections by half and be sustainable. CDC has also developed a set of audit tools, checklists, and other resources to help facilitate adoption of these critical core interventions.
TMaking Dialysis Safer For Patients Coalitionoday, CDC issued a press release announcing the launch of the Making Dialysis Safer for Patients Coalition.   The Coalition is a collaboration of diverse dialysis organizations who have joined forces with the common goal of promoting the use of CDC’s core interventions and resources, which have been proven to prevent bloodstream infections among hemodialysis patients.
The Making Dialysis Safer for Patients Coalition aims to:
  • Facilitate implementation and adoption of core interventions through promotion, dissemination, and use of audit tools, checklists, and other resources;
  • Increase awareness about the core interventions for dialysis bloodstream infection prevention through educational efforts; and
  • Share experiences and findings through collaboration with other Coalition participants.
We encourage everyone to:
  1. Raise awareness about the importance of dialysis bloodstream infection prevention using the hashtag #DialysisPatientsFirst
  2. Visit the Coalition website to download or order infection prevention resources.
  3. Tell us how you are helping to put #DialysisPatientsFirst
Join us to help put #DialysisPatientsFirst and help prevent bloodstream infections

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