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CDC - Breast Cancer Awareness Feature

CDC - Breast Cancer Awareness Feature

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New Breast Cancer Resources from CDC

Breast cancer screening and treatment: One size doesn't fit all.

Just in time for October, CDC is offering a variety of resources for you to use during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all year round! Visit our Breast Cancer Awareness feature to see the latest information and resources to share on your Web site, blog, and social media channels.
A young breast cancer survivor shares her story in a new blog post and podcast. We also have a matte article ready to give to any media outlet featuring her story, inEnglish and Spanish.
Fun new images for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest in English and Spanish encourage your followers to visit CDC's Breast Cancer Web site to learn about breast cancer.
We hope these items help support your Breast Cancer Awareness Month activities.
Thank you for subscribing to updates about cancer from CDC!

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