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DGHT News: CDC Helps Nigeria Make Strides against TB Transmission

CDC Division of Global HIV & TB Publishes MMWR Study on Novel Efforts to Prevent TB in Nigeria
CDC Helps Nigeria Make Strides against a Leading Cause of TB Transmission- subsection title - section title - site title
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Despite being entirely preventable and treatable, tuberculosis (TB) continues to take an enormous toll worldwide. TB now ranks alongside HIV/AIDS as the world’s leading infectious disease killer, with 1.5 million TB-related deaths each year and another 10 million people becoming ill with TB annually. The risk of TB transmission in healthcare settings is especially high due to increased exposure for patients and providers.

Data released last week from CDC’s Division of Global HIV & TB  suggest that improved infection control practices in Nigerian hospitals and clinics have had a major impact on TB transmission in the country. Nigeria has one of the highest TB rates in the world – with more than half a million people contracting the disease annually – creating a need for stricter TB protocols. This pilot project focused on increasing infection control measures by equipping healthcare staff with the knowledge and tools needed to diagnose, treat, and prevent the disease. Evaluations occurring over a 6 month timespan showed positive results.

Expansion of this pilot program to other high-burden countries has the potential to bring the global TB epidemic to an end. It is critical that the global community commit to ending TB by using every strategy and tool currently at our disposal. Together, we can save lives.

For the full report and the study details, please visit http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr

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Data from CDC show the value of strengthening infection control strategies in Nigeria to reduce #TB.http://go.usa.gov/cGuXR


CDC helps Nigeria make major strides against a leading cause of #TB transmission. Similar projects are encouraged in other high burden countries to reduce the global burden of #TB. To learn more, visit:http://go.usa.gov/cGuXR

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