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ACA’s Sixth Anniversary: A Young Adult Finds Peace of Mind

Dept. of Health & Human Services
March 22, 2016
By: Justin Metcalf, Herndon, Virginia
I first told you my story in 2012—of how the Affordable Care Act gave my family and me one less worry. You see, I have lived with a rare genetic disorder that causes chronic respiratory tract infections and abnormally positioned internal organs.  Having this disease requires many visits to the doctor, expensive medications and numerous procedures, so living without coverage is not an option.
It was difficult for my parents to find coverage for me at a reasonable price because my genetic disorder was considered a pre-existing condition. For most of my life, I remember my mom on the phone fighting with insurance companies and doctors’ offices.
That was until the ACA. The resistance that we once received from insurance companies has eased up. I no longer feel like I am trying to knock down a brick wall every time I need something that pertains to my health.
Not only did the ACA bar discrimination based on pre-existing conditions, it also let me stay covered by my parents’ insurance plan.
Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, young adults like me can remain on their parents’ insurance until their 26th birthday. 6.1 million young adults have gained health insurance due to the ACA.
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