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College e-News: Spring Edition

Office of Women's Health, FDA
March 2016

College e-News: Spring Edition

Let us help you keep up with busy students this semester. Spring into the new season with these college health resources from FDA.  

New FDA Dietary Supplements Warning
Some college students use dietary supplements for a variety of reasons, including weight loss and nutrition. Students should take caution when buying products marketed as “dietary supplement” and nonprescription drug products from ethnic or international stores, flea markets, swap meets or online. FDA has tools to help students make informed decisions about dietary supplements.

Keep Your EYES on the Prize
March is Eye Health and Safety Month. Encourage students to make eye health a priority with these safety tips.

National Public Health Week
Celebrate National Public Health Week (April 4-11) with FDA resources.Download, order and link to college health resources now

Minority Health Resources
This April, embrace other cultures during Minority Health Month. Show diversity on campus with these health resources.

Are You Still Waiting For Spring Break?
It is not too late to share safety tips with late Spring Breakers. Share these digital tools to help keep students safe while away.

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