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Celebrate Nutrition Month with Million Hearts®!

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Spring is in the air, which means that it’s time for Nutrition Month—a celebration ofnutritious AND delicious heart-healthy eating. Enjoy the observance with healthier and lower sodium versions of your favorite meals and snacks from the Million Hearts® Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Resource Center. We’ve included a few fresh ideas below to get you started.
We also invite you to join us for several fun Nutrition Month social media events:
  • February 29–March 6: Where’s the salt hiding? Follow us on Twitter andFacebook during World Salt Awareness Week for tips on how to spot hidden sources of sodium.
  • March 15 (1–2 p.m. ET): Share your favorite recipe during the Nutrition Month Twitter Chat with Everyday Health. Use #HealthTalk to join the conversation.
  • March 21–25: Sign up for the 5-Day Healthy Eating Challenge on Facebook. Each day, we will challenge you to take one step toward heart-healthy eating. We’ll also share healthy eating facts, tips, and recipes and encourage you to do the same. Follow us on Facebook for event details.
Visit the Million Hearts® website for free social media graphics and messages to share with your followers, and don’t forget to visit the Million Hearts® Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Resource Center, a great source for hundreds of recipes, tips, and inspiring ideas to discover and share for our Facebook Challenge!

Fresh Ideas


How to Choose the Best Vegetables for the Spring Season

Featured Recipes


Chive & Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

Simple ingredient substitutions can lead to healthier versions of your favorite meals. This mashed potato recipe uses tangy buttermilk and fresh snipped chives instead of butter.


Quick and Easy Side Dish Recipes

Enjoy the fresh bounty spring brings with these simple sides and salads.

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