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CDC - Division of Oral Health

CDC - Division of Oral Health

Fluoride prevents 25% of cavities

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Dental Tools

The CDC’s Division of Oral Health (DOH) works to improve the oral health of the nation and reduce inequalities in oral health by—
  • Helping states improve their oral health programs.
  • Extending the use of proven strategies to prevent oral disease by—
    • Encouraging the effective use of fluoride products and community water fluoridation.
    • Promoting greater use of school-based and –linked dental sealant programs.
  • Enhancing efforts to monitor oral diseases, such as dental caries (tooth decay) and periodontal infections (gum disease).
  • Contributing to the scientific knowledge-base regarding oral health and disease.
  • Guiding infection control in dentistry.
  • Helping states improve their oral health programs.

In the Spotlight

Educational posters, infocards and more are now available for download on our Community Water Fluoridation Materials page.

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