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Ultrasound image awakens father feelings

Ultrasound image awakens father feelings

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Ultrasound image 

awakens father feelings

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Seeing the first ultrasound image of their baby is an important moment for fathers-to-be regarding bonding with the baby, which, in turn, may have positive effects on partnering and parenting. This is the conclusion of a US study presented in "Fathering".
For their study, researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison interviewed 22 expectant fathers in Michigan. The men were aged between 23 and 41, with the average age being 31 years. Half of the participants were first-time fathers. The scientists interviewed the men after they had seen a routine ultrasound image of the baby made during the 16th and 20th gestation week.
It showed that this was an important moment for the men because it made them realise that they would soon be fathers and it also reassured them as to the progression of the pregnancy. Moreover, it caused the men to reflect on their roles in the life of mother and child - an important psychological and practical preparation for fatherhood. The dreams and plans of the subjects extended beyond the immediate future and included the child's entire lifespan.
"While all our fathers felt the mothers were receiving good care, about half of them felt excluded or ignored and wished that providers would offer them more explanation and opportunity to ask questions during the appointment", says first author Tova Walsh. "Because so much previous research shows that mothers and babies benefit when fathers are positively involved and supportive, they should feel welcome at such an important event", believes Walsh.

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