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Vaccines: Stats-Surv/Immunization Coverage in the US

Statistics and Surveillance:
Immunization Coverage in the U.S.

Immunization coverage - that is, estimates of the number of people who have received particular vaccines - is measured at national, state, and local levels. Several surveys are used to: 1) Identify groups at risk of contracting vaccine-preventable diseases; 2) Stimulate efforts to increase coverage; 3) Evaluate how well the efforts work

On This Page:

National Immunization Survey (NIS) - Children only Updated August 2009
National Immunization Survey (NIS) - Adolescents/Teens only
National Immunization Survey (NIS) - Adults only
National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) Updated August 2009
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)
Population-based Surveys
Articles from Other Surveys

abrir aquí para acceder al documento CDC completo (con todas y cada una de sus secciones):
Vaccines: Stats-Surv/Immunization Coverage in the US

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