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X-ray Fluorescence Analysis for Process Control

 February 4, 2019 
 The latest fluorescence news from AZoNetwork 
 X-ray Fluorescence Analysis for Process ControlX-ray Fluorescence Analysis for Process Control
X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) is a technique which probes the elemental composition of a material. In this interview, Bruce Scruggs, from EDAX talks to AZoM about the XLNCE SMX product line and its capabilities for performing XRF measurements in a process control environment.
   Fluorescence Microscopy: Choosing the Right lllumination SystemFluorescence Microscopy: Choosing the Right lllumination System
In this interview from SfN 2018, Michelle Gal explains the fluorescence illumination systems for fluorescence microscopy, offered by Excelitas technologies.
   Advances in Fluorescence MicroscopyAdvances in Fluorescence Microscopy
In fluorescence microscopy, a specimen emits energy when activated by light of a certain wavelength. Some substances such as chlorophyll and some minerals will do this naturally, while others will need the help of other chemical triggers.
 The History of Fluorescence Microscopy
The History of Fluorescence MicroscopyFluorescence microscopy is now an essential part of cell biology. Developments to this imaging technique have improved the visualization and data gathered using fluorescence microscopy.
 Fluorescence Quenching
Fluorescence QuenchingWhen a molecule absorbs light, electrons in its constituent atoms become excited and are promoted to a higher energy level. When electrons in this excited state lose energy and return to the ground state, they release this energy in the form of heat or radiation. Light emitted during this process is known as fluorescence, and the molecules that show this activity are called fluorophores.
 Tips for Successful Immunofluorescence in Cultured Cells
Tips for Successful Immunofluorescence in Cultured CellsImmunostaining is a complex technology and subject to several technical obstacles, which could mean that after a lot of time and effort the result is either no signal or one which is impossible to interpret, instead of a clear and well defined set of images.
 LUNA-STEM™ Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter from Logos Biosystems
LUNA-STEM™ Automated Fluorescence Cell Counter from Logos BiosystemsThe LUNA-STEM™ is a dual fluorescence automated cell counter that measures cell number and viability. The most advanced fluorescence optics and analysis software enables the LUNA-STEM™ to accurately count nucleated and non-nucleated cells such as stem cells and cells in the stromal vascular fraction (SVF), setting itself apart from other cell counters.

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