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NIH Clinical Center News

NIH Clinical Center News

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NIH Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey launches

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The NIH Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey launched Jan. 28 and is open to NIH employees, contractors, fellows, and special volunteers to take through March 25.

Center for Cellular Engineering expands to Southeast Patio

VIPs dig at CCE event

In January, the NIH celebrated the groundbreaking of a new cellular processing facility on the Southeast patio of Building 10 and establishment of the Clinical Center’s Center for Cellular Engineering. The facility marks the most recent expansion for the Department of Transfusion Medicine’s growing capacity to support intramural cellular therapy protocols.

Spices & social skills mix in cooking group for NIMH study participants

Two employees prepare a meal list.
People with schizophrenia and related psychoses may struggle with social skills and pre-vocational skills like following directions and working with others. But there is one thing that can bring people together around the table – food. A weekly cooking group is held for these select patients admitted to the hospital for studies related to their psychoses.

Clinical Center switches to electronic performance management tool

In 2019, supervisors will be putting away their pens and paper and firing up their computers to establish their staff's annual performance evaluations.

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