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Managing Epilepsy | CDC

Managing Epilepsy | CDC

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Check out updated information from the CDC Epilepsy Program! Our Managing Epilepsy page has resources people can use to learn how to manage their epilepsy or help a loved one manage their epilepsy. Our Information for Parents page has tools and resources to help parents manage their child’s epilepsy and help them live healthier lives.

Learn about Epilepsy Self-Management

This page has helpful self-management resources, such as the Managing Epilepsy Well Checklist. Use it to learn strategies to better control seizures and your health. This checklist will help you or a loved one feel better and have a more active and full life.
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Tools and Resources for Parents

Parents may have a hard time figuring out how to care for their child’s epilepsy. Our page for parents has resources to help them learn seizure first aid, talk to their teens about their epilepsy, provide tools to their child’s school, and find social support and professional help for managing their child’s epilepsy.

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