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Bloody show: What it means and what to expect

Bloody show: What it means and what to expect

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Pain, bleeding, and discharge in the second trimester
Pain, bleeding, and unusual discharge can occur during the second trimester. This does not always signal a problem, but people should see a doctor if they are uncertain. In this article, we look at the causes, when to see a doctor, and when to go to the emergency room.
What is bloody show?
Bloody show is a type of vaginal discharge that occurs during late pregnancy. The discharge is a mixture of blood and mucus, and it is a sign that a women's cervix is preparing for labor. Learn more about bloody show here.
What is the secondary stage of syphilis?
The secondary stage of syphilis has symptoms including sores on the genitals, mouth, and anus. Diagnosis involves a physical exam. Learn more about secondary syphilis here.
What causes gas pain during pregnancy?
Gas pain is common during the early and late stages of pregnancy. In this article, we discuss the causes of gas pain, how to relieve symptoms and other conditions that cause similar symptoms.

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