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Back pain and shortness of breath: 10 causes

Back pain and shortness of breath: 10 causes

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What is the cause of back pain and shortness of breath?
Back pain and shortness of breath may be a sign of many potential conditions. These may be mild or severe. Treatment depends on the underlying condition.
Best exercises and remedies for plantar fasciitis
Certain foot and leg stretches can speed up recovery and relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis. In this article, we provide a visual guide to exercises that can help.
Chronic pain relief: Mindfulness may be just as good as CBT
A new analysis compares the benefits of cognitive behavioral therapy with those of mindfulness-based stress reduction for relieving chronic pain.
How does psoriatic arthritis affect the nails?
Psoriatic arthritis affects the nails in many ways, causing pitting, discoloration, and brittleness. Learn more about the signs and symptoms in this article.
What causes gas pain during pregnancy?
Gas pain is common during the early and late stages of pregnancy. In this article, we discuss the causes of gas pain, how to relieve symptoms and other conditions that cause similar symptoms.

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