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Animal Microbiome | Home

Announcement: Animal Microbiome has launched

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Animal Microbiome is a community-focused journal welcoming all animal microbiome studies relating to domestic and non-domestic animals.
Led by Editor-in-Chief Sharon Huws (Queen’s University, Belfast) and an editorial team of internationally renowned scientists, Animal Microbiome is the first of two sister journals to Microbiome that will launch in 2019. You can read more about the journal’s mission in Sharon’s Editorial as well as the first research paper from the journal, Distinct microbiotas of anatomical gut regions display idiosyncratic seasonal variation in an avian folivore, by Sergei Drovetski and colleagues.
We will also shortly be launching Environmental Microbiome, the second of the sister journals to MicrobiomeEnvironmental Microbiome is headed by Dr Joy Watts (University of Portsmouth).

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