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New Social Media Data to Drive Your Planning Facebook Live :: SAVE THE DATE: MARCH 20, 2018

this week on HIV.gov

New Social Media Data to Drive Your Planning Facebook Live
New data from Pew Research Center highlights trends in social media use among different populations, including:
  • Facebook continues to be the most widely-used social media platform with 68% of U.S. adults as users.
  • New data shows that 18 to 24 year-olds are embracing a variety of platforms, including Snapchat (78% of young adults are users) and Instagram (71%).
This research is important for HIV communications because, if public health professionals understand how their audiences use social media, we will also understand how to use this data to target efforts to meet our stakeholders or client’s program or health needs.

We’ll be discussing the new data and how you can apply it to your program live via a Facebook Live event on March 20th at 11 am ET. Discussion panelists include:
  • Lee Rainie (Director, Internet and Technology, Pew Research)
  • Stacey Palosky (Acting Deputy Director, Digital at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services)
  • Miguel Gomez (Director, HIV.gov)
How to Watch
  • Save the date on your calendar!
  • Tune in to the live discussion via Facebook.com/HIVgov
  • Follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #HIVgovLIVE

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